How to construct a perfect Dissertation

Writing any dissertation is hard, but writing a Law dissertation is particularly hard. This can be one of the most challenging tasks in your LL.B. So that’s why we have put together a comprehensive list in order to give you some Law dissertation help.

The topic has to be one that inspires you

Choosing the topic could be regarded as the hardest part of law dissertations. This is because if you do not choose a topic that you feel genuinely motivated to write, then there is going to be no point in even writing it! You could always ask your seniors or professors for some tips but only use those as a basis to formulate your own topic. Remember, something you want to write always feels easier to write and provides some original content and analysis as well.

Do Not Delay Your Research

As the semester progresses and the deadline gets closer, people start panicking because they have not done their research. Remember, it is always best to start something early, this gives you ample time and additional resources because people may claim books and such for themselves. A useful tip that you could employ is that you can create and manage a bibliography as you, instead of doing it later at the end. This gives you a good way of keeping all your references in order.

Don’t Waste Your Time

All humans are guilty of wanting to procrastinate. Who doesn’t? But it is important you don’t! It’s better to dedicate a simple 30 to 40 minutes every day rather than 3 to 4 hours a day. Not only does your brain not wear out if you do the former, but you can also enjoy being done early and having extra time, in the end, to go over your work! It’s also helpful to set daily achievable targets so you feel motivated to complete them.

Sit where it Suits You

This one is simple, you need to be in an environment that makes you want to work. This, of course, differs from person to person but the idea is that you drown out anything that is going to try and distract you. Be it friends, movies or even certain websites, block them out and focus on your work for the 30 minutes you have dedicated to it. Not only does this make you more productive, but you also feel more creative and can most likely come up with better ideas.

Does your case link to anything?

What’s important to realise is that your case is not contained within itself. The law that has been applied to the case you are studying does not only apply to the case, it also applies to the entire society around you. It’s good to remember that’s how the Law works, it has broad implications on multiple different industries and communities so it’s good to think about the bigger picture. Research how the Law has consequences in other sectors and for that you will need to read outside your area of expertise.

Pair up!

This one is more important than you think. Blocking yourself off from everyone as you focus whole-heartedly on your dissertation is not only bad for the quality of work you produce but also your own well-being. That’s why we suggest, you pair up with someone else, be it a student from your class or a friend from a different degree. Pairing up will allow you to discuss different ideas and gain some insight into the topic at hand from their life experiences. Maybe they might even provide an angle which you may have never considered before. That is why it is always good to not wall yourself off. Leave time for some socialisation as well – you are Human after all.

Keep a book handy

As you go about writing your law dissertation, you will be dividing a lot of attention between your daily life and the time allotted to write your dissertation. While you do this, it is good to keep in mind that you will be carrying out everyday tasks as well, be it as simple as eating food or taking a shower. While you do those tasks, there may be moments of inspiration where an idea might just pop into your head as if God has sent it to you. That’s why it will be very helpful to keep a book with you at all times so you can jot those ideas down!

Ask for help!

There’s nothing wrong in asking for help, especially in a dissertation. If you need some help with Law Dissertation Writing, then we implore you to contact Law Writing! They are a professional team of expert Law dissertation writers who are available to advise and criticize your dissertation.