Consider these things before you Transfer from Law School

No one really ever knows if they are going to transfer from one university to another. These decisions take countless hours of thinking evaluating whether it is worth it or not. Some students transfer for the good old reason of wanting to join a better school or a better program. Perhaps your interests have changed and the university you are currently in does not align with your interests. Maybe it is due to some family circumstances and it is just unavoidable. Whatever the reason is, it is never going to be an easy decision.

If, however, you are thinking about changing your law school then this is just the article for you! We are going to tell you the most important things that you need to take into consideration before you transfer.

Will you be able to take On Campus Interviews?

Interviews that happen on campus are easily one of the biggest benefits of going to law school. These are sometimes the only way to get accepted into a large law firm and are definitely a make or break situation for many students. Usually, universities ask you to submit your application for the interview early to mid-July. This can prove to be very difficult for transfer students because transfer deadlines often happen to fall at the same time. Normally admissions decisions are told weeks after the deadline of the interview applications, resulting in you missing the interviews.

This is an extremely important decision to make for transfer students as it could severely impact their future career options. One thing you should definitely do is call the new university and ask them if transfer students can participate in the interviews. Depending on their answer, evaluate whether staying in your current university is better or not. If you can take the interviews there you might just be set to be hired in a top-notch firm, which may be much better than going to a new university.

All the Co-Curricular Activities!

Employers these days want and sometimes need to see extra co-curricular activities on your resume. These activities could range from doing law reviews or writing in law journals and sometimes even participating in moot court. Since you know every employer is looking for these things in your resume, you may be tempted to pick them up in your new law school after you transfer.

However, it is important you know that registration for these activities normally has a deadline as well. Even though the deadlines are much more flexible than those of the on campus interviews, it is important you know till exactly when you have to apply. So before transferring, it is worthwhile to call the university and ask them about this as well.

Is it Worth Foregoing your Scholarship?

This is an extremely important decision to make for students who currently have a scholarship. If transferring to a new school means you need to forego your scholarship then you must really think about whether it is worth it. Universities already barely give away scholarships to students, especially to transfer students. If you are transferring to a new university it is highly doubtful that you will receive a scholarship, despite having a 4.0 GPA and a perfect transcript.

What you also must consider are your future prospects. This can be thought about in two ways. Firstly, transferring to a new school, a better one, might prove to be more expensive given their tuition fees and even an increase in living costs. If this is the case then you should think about whether the job you will get in the future will be good enough to cover additional loans that you might need to take. An alternative perspective however is that these loans could be seen as an investment in yourself. If you are transferring into one of the top universities in the world then your future career options are going to increase ten-fold. If that does happens successfully then It may be worth taking out a loan to invest in yourself.

All these decisions are extremely important decisions that you must consider and evaluate critically before making a decision. Transferring into a new university is a very important decision and should not be done light-heartedly.

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