5 Tips To Market A Law Firm To General Counsel Lawyers

Most businesses hire general counsel lawyers to take care of all the legal responsibilities of their organization. These professionals are knowledgeable about the regulations that affect their employers but there are times when they need assistance from other attorneys. It is impossible for a single person to gain significant expertise in all practice areas. During such situations, in-house lawyers look for agencies with competence in a domain that is relevant to their employer’s requirements. It is a win-win situation for both sides as the general counsel gets professional assistance while the firm enters into a long and profitable business relationship. There are many agencies like law firms which specialize in providing this kind of service to other attorneys. However, most firms adopt an incorrect approach to market themselves to resident advisers. They can use the following suggestions to promote their agency to corporate attorneys:

1. Achieve Specialization In A Practice Area

law experts point out that a common mistake that many law firms make is to project themselves as masters in all fields. Corporate legal advisers are more often than not looking for assistance in a specific practice area. Their decisions are usually based on the expertise of the agency in that domain and its experience in the geographical jurisdiction where help is required. Law firm owners must make sure that their agency achieves specialization in at least one practice area. This will be helpful in attracting businesses looking for guidance in that field.

2. Create A Smart Presentation

Corporate clients ask for presentations from agencies before making their decisions. This is a valuable opportunity for impressing the clients but without harping on the firm’s qualities. Instead, the presentation must focus on the client’s requirements and how the agency will help in fulfilling them. It will be pertinent to do some research and understand the expectations of the client. This will help in including only the relevant facts and figures in the presentation. It will also keep the client interested and improve the chances of the firm getting the account.

3. Offer Various Alternatives For Fee Payment

General counsel lawyers are looking for services that can provide adequate assistance at reasonable rates. One of the biggest reasons businesses hire such professionals or outsource work to general counsel services is to save money. In-house consultants, therefore, are on the lookout for agencies that will not put an extra financial burden on their employers. Legal firms must propose different payment plans to such prospective clients. They can offer fixed fees or installment-based schemes which will be found attractive by the professionals.

4. Network With Other Lawyers And Entrepreneurs

People like to validate a piece of information before trusting it to make a decision. The same holds true when permanent corporate attorneys are searching for external professionals. Law firm owners must network with attorneys and other members of the legal circle in their area. They must also try and join business forums in the jurisdiction where they operate. Cultivating relationships in this manner will ensure that most of the people would have good things to say about their agency. It will also be helpful in attracting more business.

5. Cultivate An Understanding Of Business Aspects

The primary duty of resident advisers is to ensure that the legal liabilities of their enterprise have minimum effect on its revenue-generation. It is essential for all legal professionals hoping to work with companies to cultivate an understanding of various aspects of running a business. This will be helpful in providing strategic advice. In-house attorneys will also prefer hiring an agency that provides advice which supports strategic business decision-making.


General counsel lawyers want to engage agencies which can help them resolve an issue quickly in a cost-effective manner. Legal firms must keep these things in mind while creating their marketing pitch to address such clients.