5 Helpful Tips For Choosing A Marketing Agency For Lawyers

All entrepreneurs and professionals are looking to hire marketers to improve their business prospects. An increasing number of attorneys are looking to engage a digital marketing agency for lawyers. They want to generate more leads for their firm and attract more clients. However, they must hire a suitable law firm marketing agency which can help them achieve their objectives and improve their revenue generation. Choosing an inappropriate digital marketing partner can cause irreparable damage to the chances of growth and success of the firm. In this article, some valuable suggestions are being presented which will help attorneys select the ideal marketing company for their law office.

1. Select An Agency With Experience Of Working With Law Firms

It is important that the selected agency knows about the kind of work a law firm does. Only then will it be able to understand the differences between various practice areas and the nature of the target audience? A lot of people make the mistake of hiring marketers without checking about their prior experience of working with lawyers. This approach must never be adopted as it can lead to the framing of an ineffective strategy and disastrous promotional campaigns. Agencies with significant experience in handling promotional campaigns for legal firms will know beforehand about the tactics to be used to generate good results.

2. Prepare A Questionnaire To Assess their SEO Skills

The best way to ensure that a suitable digital marketing company is hired is to inquire the professionals about their necessary SEO skills. Prepare a set of questions that will help in evaluating whether the professionals are aware of law firm internet marketing best practices or not. Ask them to suggest keywords to target in an SEO campaign and how can valid backlinks be acquired for the legal virtual interface. Inquire whether they know about reputed online legal directories and ask them questions about the structure of a PPC campaign. Anyone who gives accurate answers to such queries must be considered for the contract to promote the law firm.

3. Choose A Firm With a Good Work Culture

Once a few agencies have been shortlisted that have the requisite skills and experience, attorneys must select one with a healthy working culture. Ask the marketers how ill they convey details related to the status of different campaigns. Inquire how will both sides track the performances and assess the results of the various strategies at regular intervals. A reputable marketing agency for lawyers will appoint a dedicated manager for an account. This person will be responsible for coordinating the communication between the client and the marketing team. It will also be pertinent to ask how can clients reach the agency during an emergency.

4. Request Shortlisted Firms To Provide Proof Of Their Work

Any reputable marketer will be more than eager to furnish client testimonials to prospective customers. However, attorneys must ask them to show proof of the work done by them in the past. Ask them to present statistical evidence like search results rankings of an interface for different targeted keywords. It will also be pertinent to request them for landing page conversions and return on investment figures for PPC campaigns. This will give a clear and extensive idea about the kind of results that the agency is capable of generating. Moreover, verify the claims made by the professionals by contacting their clients and making inquiries.

5. Compare Fee Structure Before Making The Final Decision

Running a law firm is like managing a business and owners need to keep track of expenses. It is necessary to do so for ensuring that the agency remains a profitable venture. Attorneys must compare the fee being charged by various marketing agencies and the payment plans being offered by them before making the final decision. They must ask specific questions to know whether the company will charge them for third-party licensed technological tools or conducting one-to-one business meetings. Owners must ask the marketers about the minimum length of their service contracts. It will also be pertinent to know the procedure for terminating the agreement before the due date. Moreover, ask the agency about the kind of fee payment plans it offers to clients.


Engaging a specialist marketing agency for lawyers will help in promoting a legal firm among the target audience. Marketers will exploit different digital channels to popularize the firm and help generate more revenue.