How to write the best Law Dissertation

Writing a Law Dissertation or a Law paper can be both challenging and fun! It is perhaps the pinnacle of your studies so far and the culmination of what you have learned too and will assist you in what you are yet to learn. But writing a law dissertation is not easy, it can months on end of continuous research and writing and fine-tuning your work in order to produce the best work you can. If you are wondering how to write a good dissertation or need some help then this guide should be a useful small step in getting started!
It will be useful to break the dissertation down into small chapters, such as the following:


To write a good introduction you need to know two things; keep it concise and keep it simple. These two things work hand in hand – as you will find out while you write a good dissertation. Use your introduction to set the scene of your dissertation, this is what is meant by keeping it simple. The introduction provides you a method through which you can let people know what your dissertation will be about. This can be done through the usage of other cases or even images.

The second thing is that you need to keep it concise. By keeping it concise the reader can digest all the information presented to them and will be able to better understand what your dissertation will be about. Remember, if the reader gets confused from the outset then there is no point in reading further.

Literature Review

The purpose of this section is simple and straightforward. As the title suggests, you review currently existing literature and assess what others have already published in their articles. You insert this in your dissertation so that you make it clear that this dissertation is not simply republishing what others have already done. The purpose of your quality dissertation should be to introduce something new into the field that has probably already run dry. This way your dissertation can generate great expectations from itself and from you. Furthermore, it will be useful in helping others understand how your work is different from other works as well.

This brings us on to the next point, which is that you should ideally use about 10 articles taken from a scientific journal. This should go unsaid but these articles must pertain to what you are researching as well. A scientific journal is better than any random book as well. A journal consists of articles that have been made after conducting extensive research and then analysing that research thoroughly and critically. This way, the results in the article provide much more in-depth knowledge about a topic, as compared to a book. Scientific journals are useful to you because the in-depth knowledge will be exactly what your own dissertation will need.


The 3rd chapter, the methodology can often be the hardest students find to write. It is, however, the most important. It would be best to assess with your professor to what extent you should show your understanding of the research methodology. There are two options available to students to – qualitative or quantitative method. Try not choosing both as this can be extremely puzzling to show in your dissertation.


In this chapter, the purpose should pertain to discussing what results were derived from your research. Ideally, your research should be unique and limited to the question that you are investigating. This way, the results that are derived will be unique as well and will assist you in answering the question at hand.
While you should use your own results to answer the question, it is acceptable to use existing literature as well to interpret the primary data that you have used.


Some researchers believe that the final chapter is the most important in your dissertation and it could very likely be so. The conclusion serves as a platform to unite the findings of your dissertation thus far and present them in a way to answer the question you are investigating. The conclusion chapter thus delivers a final package to the reader of all the findings bundled together.
Following it, the student can also leave a statement on their behalf which encapsulates their journey from the start my dissertation till its finishing. This gives the dissertation a much more personal touch and can show others the level of commitment the author put into it.


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