How to become a Better Attorney!

New to the attorney way of life? Well then this is the article for you! We will tell you all about how to become a better attorney and tell you what the professional lawyers do. So you can do it from early on in your career!

What you should know is that these tips we are about to give you are not some secret that is kept between the cream of the crop. These are common sense things that people only realise the value of later on in their career! Doing it from early on will definitely play a major part in forwarding your career and putting you ahead of the rest.

Remember to Pick Up your Calls

When you are starting out, people will always tell you to pick up the calls you get from your client. Yes, that is very important, as they are your client and you are being paid to give them your time. However, what is equally as important is to pick up calls from other lawyers as well. This is especially true during an ongoing case where you can get calls from opposing counsel too. What you should keep in mind is that the opposing counsel is not your mortal enemy. They are just lawyers which have been hired to fight for the opposing side. As a matter of fact, sometimes, after cases you and the opposing counsel can often link up and exchange information. Rather, sometimes, the other attorney might even keep a referral list through which they send their clients to attorneys they trust and believe are capable lawyers. How do you get on the referral list of other lawyers? Not ignoring them when they call seems to be a great way to do that! That is why it is extremely important you pick up the calls of both your clients and those of the opposing counsel.

Always be sure to Appreciate!

Be sure to always appreciate someone when they do something nice for you! This goes both for clients and other attorneys too. Imagine if either one of them refers you a case or another client and you do not show your appreciation to them in anyway, it may just end up giving them a bad image of you and you will probably end up never getting any future help from that person. A great way to show your appreciation is by writing a custom letter or by sending a thank you card! These do not have to be big things, just a small, customised card will do. It goes a long way in showing you appreciate their gesture and can work wonders for you in the long run!

Never be Rude to anyone

This one can seem pretty obvious at first, but it is actually more important than you think. Oftentimes, lawyers can get caught up in extremely emotional cases, especially ones they feel very attached to and want to defend their client in all costs. But it is important that a good lawyer never attacks the character, insults or demeans another lawyer or the client of the opposing counsel. This can be a guaranteed method of losing your reputation amongst other lawyers. And once your reputation is gone, your career might as well be over.  

Never Sacrifice on your Looks

It is pretty simple and straightforward. Looks always matter. Never let anyone tell you otherwise because they are simply wrong. When you go to meet another client or another attorney, it is extremely important you look the part. People have certain expectations from their lawyer and if they see that their lawyer is someone who is slacking in attire then they will not have the best expectations from them. This goes for lawyers too. If they see that you are not properly dressed then they will assume that you cannot carry yourself properly in the workplace and your way of life is as messy as your outfit.

Never ever settle for second best or let someone think that you are less than them. Always make sure to be in a presentable manner, even if that means getting a suit tailored for yourself so that it fits you perfectly.

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