A Complete Guide On How To Write A Biography Essay

If you are a college or university student, you must have to write a biography essay at some stage of your academic career. Those students who lack writing and time management skills have to face complexities in writing different types of academic papers and to meet the standards of the university.

This article is all about the complete details of writing a biography essay. Make sure that you stay connected with the writing to fully understand the concept of biography law essay writing

Before moving towards the process and examples of a biography essay, let’s see what it is.


What Is A Biography Essay?


There are many types and kinds of essays that students have to deal with in every subject. However, a biography essay is one of the types that deal with the narration of anyone’s real life. You can select any person for writing a biography essay. They can be a sportsperson, an artist, a politician, an actor or actress, or anyone else. If you want to be effective throughout the process, make sure that you have selected the topic of your interest. However, be sure that the selected person has some impact on society so that you don’t run out of information.

It is an opportunity to learn some interesting facts about a person. The main objective of the biography essay is to disclose the past of the person and its considerable achievements throughout life.


How To Write A Biography Essay?


There are some specific and basic considerations that you need to strictly follow in order to get the right outcomes of a biography essay. The very first thing you need to do is to create a thesis statement about the selected person, write detailed paragraphs on his or her life, and finally, the conclusion will itself explain the achievements and their impact on society.

The following guidelines will help you to successfully craft a winning biography essay as per the standards;


Select A Subject To Write On


Always make sure that you have selected a famous person for this activity. As you have to write detail about them, make sure that the selected subject has different books and articles so that the research process becomes easy and effective for you. If you select such a person who has less information on the sources, you might get stuck during the process of writing due to a lack of information on the person you just select.

The best thing would be if the selected person is of your choice and interest. If you manage to select a person of your interest, the entire process will become significant and exciting for you at the same time. Many students end up selecting an inappropriate topic and face difficulties during the process of research or writing.


Conduct A Deep Research


It is necessary to conduct extensive research on the selected persons so that you can a better idea of what exactly they have achieved throughout their life. You have to find the reasons why they have been so famous in their life, and how they have contributed the society through their lifestyle. Every writer will give you a different perspective of the same person you have selected. So, it is good if you expand the horizon of your research and reach out to the maximum sources of relevant information.

Never forget to take regular notes of the points that you consider important. They can include names, occasions, topics, sub-topics, and many other fascinating key points. Make sure that you also mark counterarguments in the case for a better understanding of the facts.


Create An Outline


Remember to create an outline of the essay. You should strictly follow the standards and structure of the essay as per the requirements.

  • The structure of your essay should include a standard group of five detailed paragraphs in three different sections of the format.
  • They are the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay.
  • You can follow the instructions of you’re your teacher if any.

This format will help you to organise the information in the right way that you have gathered in the previous step. Make sure that you strictly follow the structure to get the desired outcomes. The main objective of the outline is to keep you on the right track throughout the process.


Note: Don’t allow any customisation without the consent of your teacher.


Write The Introduction Paragraph Of The Person


The introduction of your essay is an opportunity to grab the interest of the readers and to engage them throughout your writing.

  • You must bring in a brief introduction of the person’s background that you have selected in the first paragraph of your introduction.
  • Ensure to include a hook statement to catch the interest of the audience, so they keep on reading your document.
  • The best practice to hook the readers is to provide a quote at the very beginning of the paragraph.
  • You can also start with a short interesting story of that person
  • It can also include some significant accomplishments of the person.


Make A Thesis Statement


The next step is a thesis statement. Your thesis statement is the main pillar of the information that you are going to provide in the document. Therefore, be careful when creating your thesis statement for the biography essay. It shows the position you have considered for that specific person in your writing. This directs the audience about the perception they are going to make for that person.

In short, it is the main idea of the entire essay.


Write The Body Paragraphs


This is the main section of the essay. Here you have to give the details of the selected person that you have collected throughout the research process. Always stay relevant to the thesis statement you made in the previous step. For instance, if you are writing about Nelson Mandela, you should provide details of the support he had along with the criticism and all.

  • Make sure that you describe the goods, bads, and lifestyle of the selected person.
  • Write about the people that were with him or her on various historical occasions.
  • Write the opinions of different writers they have about the selected person.
  • Try to include something controversial (if any) in order to make the writing more interesting and engaging.


All this information wills allows the readers to stay connected with reading the entire essay.


Write The Conclusion Paragraph


Here you have to wind up your writing and gives a winning conclusion to the readers about the person. You need to give a strong end to your essay rather than leaving the audience in a vague position. Never go for restating your thesis statement alone. Rather than try to demonstrate their legacy and contribution to society.


5 Questions Your Biographic Essay Should Answer


Your conclusion should answer the following 5 questions;

  • What is their contribution to society or the specific field?
  • What is the legacy of the person?
  • How do people remember them?
  • What is their impact on the specific field nowadays?
  • How does their legacy influence the individuals in society?


Note: Don’t distract your objective from explaining the facts and work of the selected person, rather than exploring them.


Example Of Biography Essay On Nelson Mandela


Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born on 18th July 1918 and was the first black nationalist to be the president of South Africa. He was the pioneer to speak up for the end of racism in the country. His regular meetings with president F.W. de Klerk made things peaceful in the country. In 1993, Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk were awarded the Nobel Prize for their contribution to society.

He was born with Chief Henry Mandela. He was raised by the Jongintaba after the death of his father. However, he refused the chieftainship in order to pursue his career as a lawyer. He pursued his studies at the University Of Fort Hare and the University Of Witwatersrand. After that, he cleared the exam to pursue his career as a lawyer. He joined the (ANC) African National Congress as a Youth Leader in the black liberation group in 1944. In that very same year, he got married to Evelyn Ntoko Mase. He played his role well in the party. Also, He was the one who started the first black law practice in South Africa.




He also opposed South Africa’s law against blacks, as they have to carry documents along with them. The laws were fully racist and were for only black people in South Africa. He ran various campaigns throughout the country to defy the racist laws against black people. His nonviolent protest against the discriminatory laws was highly appraise and got massive supported all over the country.

His rivalry campaigns and efforts made him a target of that time authorities in the year 1952. As a result, he got a ban from all social speeches and all kinds of travel. In the year 1956, he was in jail with more than 100 people. The treason charges on Nelson Mandela and 100 others were just design for the sake of harassment. However, with some trials in the same year of 1956, he eventually was released by the year 1961. Throughout the court affairs, he married Nomzamo Winifred Madikizela and divorced his first wife.

After the slaughter of several unarmed black Africans by the Sharpeville Police in 1961, Mandela forsook his non-violent protest and began acts of destruction against the authorities. In this scenario, he went underground with the military wings of the African National Congress. In the year 1962, we visited Algeria for some warfare training and returned to South Africa the same year. However, in the same year, he got arrested in Natal, South Africa, and was sentenced to 5 years jail imprisonment.




In the year 1963 when he was imprisoned with many other men, the raiding police found heavy arms in the headquarters of the ANC party. As a consequence, Nelson Mandela and others with him were charged with violent conspiracies. He made the speech in which he accepted some of the charges as a truth which was the classic and best defense of liberty. However, his speech made him relevant worldwide and later, his speech was on the newspaper later in the year with a subject of, “I Am Prepared To Die”. He was declare with the life sentence in the year 1962 and nearly missed the death sentence.

He was in jail in the Robin Island Prison from 1964 to 1982 and later was kept at Pollsmoor Prison in the high security till 1988. During the treatment of tuberculosis, he was taken to the Verster Prison. The authorities try to make many offers, but Mandela denied all of them on the basis that only a free man can accept and make negotiations to the offer, as he was still in jail.

Mandela had support from the black population of South Africa and even international communities. After the deterioration of the political situation in 1988, he engaged with the authorities. After a long time of imprisonment, finally, he got out in the year 1990 under the government of President De Klerk. Also, after his release, he was chosen as the deputy president in the year 1991 of the African National Congress party.

Mandela finally managed to make peaceful negotiation of the ANC with the authorities and managed to bring democracy to the country.




In the year 1991, Mandela led the ANC party to win the first elections of South Africa and became the first black African president of South Africa. He worked on human rights with the help of the Truth And Reconciliation Commission that was responsible to investigate the violations of human rights across the country. He further introduced the development and educational projects to support the black population of South Africa.

In the year 1997, he resigned from the post of ANC party and transferred the position to the worthy Thabo Mbeki. He never looked for the second term in the government and retired from all political activities in the year 1999. However, he was and is considered a symbol of peace and a long struggler leader. The international community appreciated his struggles for human rights, peace, and social justice. He also started the foundation in the year 1999 with his own name.

He became the founding member of the international leaders in the year 2007 to resolve conflicts all over the world. In the year 2008, he was honored with his 90th birthday celebrations all around the Globe for his significant contribution to the world. He was getting appreciation with a Mandela Day to perceived on his birthday.

United Nations also marked that day as Nelson Mandela International Day. His speeches, dialogues, struggles, accomplishments, and every detail are present in various books.



Tips To Make Your Biography Essay More Interesting


The details in this document will help you to write your biographic essay in the right way. However, these tips will help you to further polish your paper;


Identify The Extent Of Your Subject


It is not necessary to include each and every detail of the person in your biography essay. Try to note down the main points to include in your writing. This is why you need to find and understand the scope of your writing.  For example, you chose to write the details of the person from his or her date of birth till the death of the person. While on the other hand, you can also provide certain historical events that are known to be significant in that person’s life.

Make sure that you stay within the boundaries while writing the biography essay. Ensure that you don’t provide any of your suggestions or your own explanation for the person’s events, situations, lifestyles, or anything.


Make Your Writing Clear To The Readers


The main purpose of your biographic essay is to notify and persuade the audience about the person’s life, and why that selected person is worthy to write for. Always present your writing in a clear way so that readers could understand the context of your writing in the best possible way. A topic of your interest would help you to present clear information about the person.


Make The Best Use Of Words


Each word has its own significance in the writing. Selecting the right word at the right time makes your writing more effective and fascinating to read. I always recommend students keep widening their vocabulary from time to time. However, if you have a good knowledge tank of the best vocabularies, you can effectively and easily write a biographic essay.

However, avoid using a complex vocabulary in your essay. It always distracts the reader to go and find the meaning of the words. Easy and effective vocabulary in the writing helps the readers to stay connected with the reading process until the end of the document.


Avoid Long Sentences


Good essay writing always includes clarity and consciousness in the paragraphs and overall writing. Teachers always discourage the usage of long and complex sentences in writing essays. Long sentences always lead you to mistakes in the writing. In order to avoid grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes, make sure that you write short and clear sentences in your essay.

Make sure that you avoid the usage of long sentences in your writing. The long sentences distract the readers from comprehending the right perspectives of the person. It makes your writing vaguer rather than clear. Long sentences and paragraphs may look fascinating to your eyes, but they are ineffective and lower the overall readability of the document. Instead, try to use shorter sentences in order to make your statements clear and concise.

Shorter sentences help you to state the information to the point and to avoid unnecessary words and information at the same time.

Here are a few advantages of using short sentences in your essay;


  • When using short sentences, the probability of mistakes goes down throughout the process of writing. This is actually accurate for the native speakers and writers of the English language. Try to break the ideas and write short sentences to avoid mistakes.


  • It makes your revision and editing of the document much easier and effective. The process of editing and proofreading becomes easier when you use short sentences in your essay, as you can promptly find out the mistakes in your writing.


  • When the selected topic is complex and difficult to write, short sentences provide to improve the readability of the document. You can express your thoughts and ideas in the most significant way rather than using long sentences in your essay.



How To Significantly Finish Biographic Essay?


Once you are finishing your writing of biographic essay, it’s time to end your essay in the right way. Here, we are going to see some of the guidelines that can help you to end your essay significantly. Ensure to follow these points for better results;


Editing And Proofreading


Once you are done writing your essay, make sure that you re-read the same. Proofreading is a necessary process that allows you to find various natural mistakes in writing. These can be spelling, grammar, or vocabulary mistakes. These basic mistakes no one would expect from a writer of professional essay. If your essay includes such basic mistakes, you might have to face the lower outcomes of the task.

However, throughout the process of proofreading, you can also find some gaps in the writing. Make sure that you edit them accordingly. Sometimes you have to exclude or include some extra information in the writing to fill the gaps accordingly. Remember to conduct some literary analysis on your essay before submission. You can also go through why do students hire an editing and proofreading service to understand the importance of proofreading and editing.


Take Feedback


Another way to make your paper authentic and error-free, try to get it read through your friends, peers, or family. A different pair of eyes can detect the mistakes that you can’t find. Furthermore, their feedback can boost your confidence in your writing. Never say no to suggestions, however, it is not necessary that you have to consider all the suggestions, but at least you can listen to them for better counterarguments.