Best Tips for Final Year Law Students

We all know that entering the final year of Law University means that not only are you at the home stretch of your university life. It means that the dreaded dissertation is finally coming up as well.

Most students fear writing the law dissertation and it makes sense too. It is a grueling two whole semesters worth of work that is compiled into one law paper, which is then the main decider of whether you will be graduating or not.

However, do not give up just yet. We understand that this is a daunting task for anyone and not everyone can go about it as easily as others. That is why we have compiled these tips from Law experts who aced their dissertation! If you read our guide attentively and follow what we tell you whole-heartedly then we are sure that you will be able to ace your dissertation!

Manage your Time

This is perhaps one of the most important things to nail in your final year – maybe even your whole life. Before you enter any classroom or start deciding what topic your dissertation will be about. It is extremely important you know how to manage your time. If you are not managing your time effectively in a per-day basis then you are letting a lot of time go to waste.

Experts say that working for about 20 to 25 minutes in an interval produces the best results. As this is the section of time in which your brain is most focused and can produce the highest results. Do not try to read for hours on end, it will only end up in you wearing yourself out and getting more and more tired.
Always remember to work in intervals and take regular breaks so that you can let your mind refresh for a bit.

Plan Ahead

This one is extremely important as well. Writing a dissertation is not something that can be done in one sitting or even a few days. No, you are given 2 semesters to write the dissertation for a reason. The reason is that so you can start working on it from way beforehand.

Begin the initial process of your dissertation as early as you can. This does not mean that you have to write immediately. The early parts of your dissertation will be focused entirely on doing the research on which topic you feel suits you best. Then extensively researching on that topic so you have a plethora of scientific articles and journals that you can use in your paper.

Remember that, when researching, it is helpful to broaden your horizons. By this, we mean that it can prove useful to look at how the topic at hand reaches and affects other fields as well. Perhaps on the economical or financial side. Maybe there were externalities to the technological sector. Including relevant information from other fields can be extremely helpful in building your dissertation.

The Library is your Friend

This is a small point that we found has often helped students. Try to buckle down in a quiet spot in your library; zone the outside world out and just concentrate on what you are doing. It can also be useful to have a friend come along with you so that when both of you get tired you can go grab a coffee and refresh yourselves.

Time to Read!

Remember how we said you will need to research extensively. Well, this is what we meant. When you find material that you think will be useful to you. It can be helpful to just save the link to it for future reference. Then, when you have a decent number of articles saved up, that is when you begin analysing them!

Go through your articles and highlight what information is relevant to you. The primary sources, the secondary sources if you need them. All of this will be extremely useful to you.

Before you begin writing your dissertation, it will be extremely helpful to make a skeleton of what you plan to write. The word skeleton is interchangeable with outline as they both serve the same purpose. This way you will know how to organise your information and in what order you want to keep it so it flows smoothly.

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